I often look at a beautiful landscape and find myself wondering what lies just past it.  Is there an even nicer view?  A spot that rarely is seen because of the beauty that lies in front of it?

The thought of what else is out there often makes me want to hike past the horizon line to find out.  How far do I chase the horizon though?  I know I’ll never catch it, just pass where it was before, but what I want to see the horizon always hides.

Beyond the grass, an empty field,

Filled with potential for what it could yield.

Lines plowed in the dirt all around,

Seeded with grain, soon to spring from the ground.

Beyond the field, forest stretches toward the sky;

Highlighting the horizon and drawing the eye.

Teeming with nature and wild animals unseen.

A new place to wander, past this field in between.

But beyond it all, what lies past the skyline?

Beyond the horizon much is out there to find.

New trails to be carved, new lakes to be swam;

New adventures to be had in discovering who I am.

There beyond the horizon, a whole new world lies in wait;

To that adventure, I hope not to be late.