The rain often offers a different perspective on things we see every day.  It makes the city seem bleak and grey, and the countryside often appears to be full of brighter colours than normal.

A view that it offers that I don’t often take however, is the view through a window that is being drenched by the rain.  It’s a very unique perspective.  Skewing everything around you, blurring the road and the trees, making it seem that you are looking at the world through different eyes.

The rain falls against the window blurring my vision,

Altering the landscape around me with unique precision.

Washing out the clarity of the road and trees;

Smudging the detail of things such as these.

Each droplet slowly rolls off of the glass,

Etching a trail, wherever it may pass.

Streaking the glass with a blurry trail,

Frosting the window with a watery veil.

Every fading drop replaced with another,

Steadily dropping, so as not to smother.

Continually providing a view that keeps changing;

Instantly altering the view it’s continuously replacing.

The rain falls providing me with a skewed view,

Taking the same old landscape and presenting it anew.