Some days I see a well trampled, narrow dirt road, and I just have to take it.  I feel this need to see what lies at its end, or just what lies between where I am and where it ends.

It’s hard to describe, but I just feel a pull that I must see satisfied.  So I follow the path to see where it leads, always far enough to feel a little more free.

Off through the forest I can see it turn,

Toward a place for which my heart does burn.

Through the trees and valleys, and over hills,

To places where the unhindered waterfalls still spill.

Down the path, I can see it narrow,

To a natural spot so pure, I feel it in my marrow.

Air so pure it strengthens me through to the bone;

With birds in the trees so I never feel alone.

Around the bend, the woods call out to me,

Urging me on, to find what I can’t yet see.

Pulling me to discover a little more nature,

That more beauty lies down there, I am sure.

The road to nowhere, leads to the best view;

Best shared with someone, so come with me too.