The cycle of the world is never-ending, progressing slowly each day from daylight to dusk, falling into the darkness of night, only to begin anew each morning with the coming of dawn.

All things in the world are like that, some carry a much greater timeline, others are quicker.  There is always a cycle to the human experience;  Health, illness, recovery;  Loneliness, interest, love, loss.  In a lifetime you experience it all, hope to hold on to the things that are positive and get through the hard times as quickly as possible.

If you were the sun, I would watch you fall,

Every evening at dusk, my whole world would stall.

Watching you drop just barely out of sight,

Holding onto every moment of your fading light.

In the night, I would be cold and alone in darkness;

Missing your warmth, in the darks barren starkness.

Holding tight to your beautiful memory as you faded,

Hoping for your return, with a heart that is jaded.

Awaiting the dawn, where you will rise again,

My heart holds out hope for the moment when.

Then your light glows a little off in the East,

Bringing forth your warmth, for my heart to feast.

Glowing bright in the misty sky at dawn,

You’d come back every day, if you were the sun.