There is always something incredible about watching nature in action.  Watching a bird flutter about from field to nest, creating a home on a spring afternoon;  Watching a squirrel bound from tree to tree, finding all the food the was hidden in the fall;  Watching deer gracefully picking their way through the forest, stopping now and again to look directly at you to assure themselves you are not a threat.

The things you can witness are endless if you are willing to watch patiently in the right place.  One of the most captivating things to me however, is watching a great blue heron fishing in rough waters.

Standing on the spindles they have for legs, effortlessly working their way through the rushing waters.  Moving as if the water around them is something that doesn’t exist in their world, appearing only to you, making them stand out.

Despite the current, she stands steady;

Patiently waiting, always ready.

Barely fighting the rapids at all,

No chance that she may fall.

Steadily striding along through the current,

Without concern for the rivers torrent.

Standing tall she steps further out,

Handling the river without any doubt.

She stays steady, spreading her wings;

Under their expanse, the river still sings.

Lifting off, she pulls away from the water,

Climbing away, until I can barely spot her.

Staying steady, cutting through the air;

The majestic heron holds my stare.