Of all the ways to describe the sun as it meets the horizon, referring to it as a fire seems the most fitting.  With clouds in the sky, the sun lights them aflame with colour in the fading moments of daylight.  Progressing from a bright fire to the glowing embers of the last moments of light, as the sun fades over the horizon.

A fire seems to glow at the edge of my sight,

Burning off the day, at the onset of night.

Burning brightly, it seems to ignite the cloud;

Turning the sky into a colourful shroud.

Near the horizon the clouds glow like embers in a fire;

The last light of the day that one must admire.

Glowing beneath them, the sun shines a lemony yellow;

Brightening the horizon, as it falls ever low.

Hues of purple, blue and scarlet red,

Dance across cloud tops, as far as they spread.

Contrasting the sunsets heat with a cooler palette,

The evening creeps in above the sunset.

Finally, the dusk sky blazes, its glow burning bright;

Setting the horizon aflame in the fading light.