A few months ago I resolved to start posting some of my other writing, and this morning I found myself leafing through some of my old poems.

I came across a lot of different stuff, a lot of poems of misguided ideas of love and lust, and some about my observations from different perspectives I could have only had in my youth.

A few stood out to me, and most importantly my obsession with nature was present even as a young man.  This one in particular was written (or at least finished) in August of 2006.

How good it is to see the summer sun,

With it always a way to find fun.

Smells of barbeques and fresh-cut grass in the air;

Without summer, life just might not be fair.

It is full of hot days and warm summers eves,

Complimented nicely by cool evening breezes.

The sounds of campers and cottagers at play,

Fill both the night and the day.

Laying out at night staring at star upon star;

Sure beats the heat of cement parks and road tar.

On beds of grass, no blankets are required,

Summers warmth will keep us as we grow tired.

A certain feeling with the summer season,

All can enjoy it, without any rhyme or reason.