Continuing on with getting some older poems out there, this is a poem I wrote well I couldn’t sleep on what I can safely assume was a cold January night in 2007.

Finding myself unable to sleep I passed the time staring out my bedroom door at a light glowing in the hallway, or out the window at a street light glowing in the night.

The constant beam of artificial light,

Keeps me stirring well into the night.

From dusk to dawn, it never fades,

Glowing through curtains and window shades.

The light glows on, pulling me awake;

No matter how I lay, the glow I cannot shake.

As if I were afraid, my eyes will not shut,

And into my eyes the light continues to cut.

Beaming still, the light holds my focus;

It surrounds me like a swarm of locust.

Off to sleep, it will not let me drift,

Artificial light, hard to see as a gift.

Instead of helping, light keeps me sleepless,

Holding me awake, and keeping me dreamless.