I barely noticed these two yesterday.  They were so calm and unconcerned about me passing by that I could have believed they were just lawn ornaments.

When I did notice them, I tried my best not to disturb them, but there was something serene about the moment that had to be captured.  I moved toward them as stealthily as I could and watched them for a few moments before I snapped this photo to capture a piece of a moment where life felt so undisturbed.

Peacefully they sit, enjoying the coolness of the grass;

It seems a perfect fit, as the afternoon hours pass.

Their ears occasionally flick, warding of the flies,

And at the snap of a stick, there is worry in their eyes.

Yet there they stay, no desire to go.

Content to lay, and feel the breeze blow.

They show no concern to me watching them,

I’m no threat they discern, no danger could I stem.

They remain undisturbed, in the afternoon sun;

Unlikely to be perturbed, until their time here is done.

Then they will disappear back into the forest,

Where those deer, will find a place to rest.

Tucked into the trees where they will not be unnerved,

There it is too dark to see, and they will remain undisturbed.