It hit me a few nights ago that I haven’t really written anything in a while. About a month really, and I didn’t want to leave a continuous blank much longer.

It’s hard to think that after over a year of writing something nearly every single day, someone can run out of little inspirations to write about. Sure, there are lots of little ideas that come to mind, and ocaasionally snippits even make it to paper, but mostly the concentration to sit and write is lacking.

I keep thinking about a few of the larger projects I’ve started and never finished; Thinking maybe I should put some time and effort into them since I’m not writing poems, but I find myself trying to remember where I left off. Trying more than anything to remember what I was writing about.

Do I need to start something fresh? Maybe write something, just anything to get me writing again?

The answer is yes, but the reality is always the same. If I’m enjoying life without writing every day, do I still need to write? It seems I’m at a stalemate.

If you’re reading this, I would love to hear your insight.