I always wonder how to describe myself, and I’m sure if you asked me a thousand times, you would get a thousand different answers.

I am from a small town in rural Ontario that grew up when I was a teenager, and I grew out of it.  Since I left home, I have been trying to find my way and my place.

I have written since I was a teenager, although I keep throwing things away, so there’s no real proof I suppose.  Officially, I caught the writing bug, when my high school English teacher asked me what happened to the brilliant Brett Woods, after I nearly failed my final exam in my graduating year.  I never remember exactly how she put it, but she was certainly the first person to indicate to me that I knew how to write something.  From there I wrote a lot of poetry throughout University, and tried my hand a few times at short stories.

For a long time I struggled to write, life was stressful and putting what was going on in my life on paper would have been painful.  Now however, I can sit down and write a poem, or work through a part of whatever I’m working on and it feels like hardly any time has passed at all.

I made the decision to start this blog because I met someone that dramatically changed my opinion of why I write.  I always just wrote for me, or to impress someone, but the reality is I write to try to make sense of things I see around me.  I put to words feelings I experience or witness, or express how happy I am to take in a little piece of this world.

In a sense, this is my way of paying it forward, and maybe someday the reason I write will be the reason that a difference is made in someone else’s life.