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A Murky Reflection

The reflection of the world can take on its own image.  The surface that captures it adding its own colour and texture to the reflection to show you a different look that the world could take on. Usually on a... Continue Reading →

A Mothers Job

Although we rarely say it sometimes, we as children need our mothers more than most people in our lives, and often more than anyone else.  Mom is the one that was there for us when we scraped a knee, or... Continue Reading →


I wish I could have captured the picture of what inspired this poem. I was driving down an old bumpy dirt road, and in this one spot both sides of the road were closely lined with densely packed cedars.  So... Continue Reading →

The River Rages

With the recent flooding along the banks of the Ottawa River the river itself has grown into backyards and basements, flooding out streets and residents along its shores.  It is a terrible reality of living along the river, but it... Continue Reading →

Sides Of The Fence

Just that rusty bit of wire and some old steel posts that you could probably pull out of the ground.  That is the difference between this side and that. This side holds your life, your daily existence.  It has you... Continue Reading →

The Road To Escape Posted this earlier today, but it showed up as posted yesterday for some reason.

The Road To Escape

There is a long winding road through the trees; It takes you over hills and through misty valleys. The path is narrow and difficult to follow, Winding over rocky hilltops and into swampy hollows. It lead you off, deep into... Continue Reading →

Nice Guy Tendencies

No matter how hard I try to change, the one thing that is ingrained in my head is to be courteous and respectful of those around me.  I never want to lose that anyway, but I laugh at myself sometimes... Continue Reading →

Jerk Etiquette

Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered "How is that person having so much go their way in life, and I'm stuck here?"  Have you followed that up thinking that person was a bit self-absorbed or had a... Continue Reading →

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