B.D. Woods Writes

A Poetic Account of Life

Beyond The Horizon

I often look at a beautiful landscape and find myself wondering what lies just past it.  Is there an even nicer view?  A spot that rarely is seen because of the beauty that lies in front of it? The thought... Continue Reading →


The Rain Brings

After being teased with a beautiful sunny weekend, the rain begins.  It does a great amount of needed work each spring, and I know that we all couldn't live without it. The rain leads to spring days tucked inside with... Continue Reading →

Last Moments Of Light

Watching the sun drop into the horizon is often a source of inspiration.  It provides beautiful photographs, makes excellent paintings, and is the ideal scene for many of the romantics out there. I have always enjoyed a good sunset, and... Continue Reading →

View From The Top

This past weekend my brother and I climbed up to the roof of his house.  He lives with his family on the top of a well forested hill, and from his roof you can see a long way in every... Continue Reading →

The Forest Floor

The ground in a wooded area is less than majestic.  Rocks and dirt, rotting leaves and felled trees, but look again. Really look deeply at it as you stop to catch your breath on a hike, or stop in the... Continue Reading →

Country Skyline

The skyline outside of the city can seemingly go on forever in every direction; Fields and forests dotted with hills and lakes, and slashed with streams, rivers and roads that disappear off over the horizon. Around every bend lies more... Continue Reading →

Worlds Collide

A sunset is a beautiful thing to watch, as the colours of the sky brighten and change, and slowly dim as the sun drops below the horizon.  Clouds add an extra palette at dusk, reflecting and emphasizing the shades of... Continue Reading →


If you follow the flow of a rivers current, where does it take you?  Will you find more beautiful places further downstream, or a new adventure around the next bend? You will never know unless you put off from the... Continue Reading →


The things that we find late in the night are most often unsavoury.  Things that we hope to be without, they often present themselves as things that we seek, but quickly turn to what we need least of all. In... Continue Reading →

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